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About me

My name is Samantha and I am 25 years old. I always had a passion for art throughout my school life, studying art at GCSE and at A Level, and have continued this as a hobby. During 2017-2018 I worked on an independent fundraising project where I drew commissions to raise money for a children's bereavement charity called Once Upon A Smile. Since then I have continued drawing using a range of media and subjects from portraits to natural forms. Through my most recent work I have been experimenting with more and more media, particularly those outside of my comfort zone, to explore new styles and working towards my aspirations to work in television production within Art Departments with a greater emphasis on props and scenic work, as well as textiles and fabrics in drawings. Recently have undertaken a Foundation Art and Design course, specialising in Object and Spatial Design with my Final Major Project based on the discipline of Set Design. In 2022 I worked as an Art Trainee on 'I Hate Suzie Too' (Sky/Bad Wolf).


Now I am  continuing to develop my existing skills and searching for my next role in Television and Film.

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